Thursday, April 17, 2008

24 Signs You're Obsessed with Design

I can realte to about all of these....See Full List posted on
Personal Favorites:
#5 You want a daughter instead of a son, because it’s less likely they will be colour blind.

#8 Your kid comes home complaining about the exercise book he was given by the teacher, because there isn’t adequate leading for the size of their handwriting.

#9. You keep business cards for what they look like, rather than for the business details.

#10 You want ‘Gotham‘ for Christmas.

#18. When you had a Dell, it was just a laptop, but since you’ve owned a Macbook Pro, it’s become a pet which you treat better than your partner; buying various outfits for it, and spending $$$ on products to ‘protect’ it.

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