Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the back story.

Crew Design is the joint collaboration of four young graphic designers living across the United States. Sarah, Tess, Meghan and Meghan (yes, there are two Meghan's) met in 2002 in the College of Fine Arts, at Boston University. Among the crazy artist types that populated the school these four girls met and soon became friends sharing the common interest of art and design. Years of critiques, interesting professors, travels abroad, and stressful nights ending in x-acto knife injuries bonded these girls for life. In 2006, they graduated and set out to pursue careers in graphic design. Adult life kicked in and soon enough the four girls were living and working all across the United States. Tess and Meghan (B) decided to set down some roots in Boston, Sarah (aka Martin) followed her cowboy down to Austin, Texas, and California native Meghan (aka Colvin) couldn't handle the cold Boston winters and made her way back to San Francisco.

So here were are - the year 2008 - and what better way to stay connected and share our ideas and inspirations than through a Blog. We hope to make this blog as fun, lively, and creative as we are.

Thanks for visiting us....and enjoy our new BLOG!

-The Crew


Sarah Martin said...

Bravo! Excellent first post. I hope this is one of a million more to come. Now, onto the design of this blog!

nepacena said...

LOVE your blog... looking forward to all your future posts. what an artsy bunch of gals. congrats and keep em coming!