Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog headers. Thought? Comments? Ideas?

Here are a few of my initial designs for the headers. Leaning toward #4 on the list. Very Very interested in hearing your comments and suggestions. I thought it was important to stress the coast to coast designers.

Also...Taglines! Help.

What do you want this blog to look like?
Classic? Quirky? Fun? Cute? Ever Changing?


Meghan Colvin said...

Good work Martin! I think I'm leaning towards #2. And i really like the tagline From Boston to Austin to the Bay. So whatever we end up with, i say we include that. That being said, I'm also open to it being something we switch up from time to time. What do you think? Or do we need to be more "branded" and have a consistent header. Thoughts?

But my vote is on #2. Meghan, Tess...put some up if you have any...unfortunately, i haven't created any yet. oops. I'm gonna get on that. Our poor blog is so naked. oh the shame.

Tess Mattern said...

WOW, Martin! Great work! I am leaning towards #3 myself... I think its so quirky and fun. But I agree that this could be something we could switch up every now and then. I haven't made any yet either, but I will get on that asap. In the meantime, is Berckes our tiebreaker, unless she chooses #1?

Are there other ways we can format our site? I was thinking it would be cool if we could post a list of suggested reading (books and websites) along the side. Possible? And what about colors?

meghan b said...

oh man! l really like 3 AND I'm no tiebreaker. I think we should use that tagline's sweet. I haven't created any...yet, but I'll get on that soon! Martin, you are too good!

Sarah said...

Hello! Tess has got me into reading your blog. I lie #3 the best. I like the colors and that it looks fun and you all? Check.

erik k said...

birth of a hero, I like that font