Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Favorite Things: Austin #1

Lets get one thing straight. I do not and have never liked antiques. My general stereotype is that they are decayed, often smelly, and belong in a junkyard...that is, until now.
Uncommon Objects was one of the first places in Austin that was recommended to me as "a place to see." Located on the hip, bohemian south side of Congress street, nestled nest door to a Texas staple, Allen Boots, it is hard to resist peeking in this quirky store. It is easy to get lost in this maze of eclectic, vintage finds.
The layout of store is particularly unique; I found that there appears to be an order and system to the chaos of objects. While a vintage kewpie doll may be placed on top of a slightly worn bureau, next to a group of banjos, they seem to fit with each other because of some unifying trait, whether that be color, general era, or just plain humor.
Its impossible to leave Uncommon Objects without feeling a hint of nostalgia from some past time.

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