Friday, March 21, 2008

A Few Design Improvements

Much along the lines of Real Simple magazine, do I need to be 40+ to get excited about these design improvements on everyday home accessories? I think not! Sometimes we take for granted the way products have always looked, but here are three great examples of designs that break away from the pack and really stand out by blending in. Above, something almost anyone with an apartment could use- the Dirt Devil Kone, available at Target for 39.99 in half a dozen colors.

For the safety conscious, introducing the HomeHero Fire Extinguisher- a huge step away from the large, bright red standard! Soon to be released at Home Depot.

And if I were decorating my dream kitchen tomorrow, it would most certainly include a Drawer Dishwasher by KitchenAid- about as streamlined as it gets. Anyone else have more examples to share? This is such a fun trend to watch, as it begs the age-old question: What will they come up with next?


Anonymous said...

Well it is a good thing we are going to update our kitchen. I would put money towards that dishwasher in a heart beat. -kc

Sarah Martin said...

Glamorous Fire Extinguisher! Lets make something burn to watch that bad boy in action!