Monday, March 17, 2008

Google Doodle

If you happen to live on this planet, then you are probably familiar with Google. And if you are familiar with Google, then you may have noticed the logo art that replaces the standard logo every holiday. I thought today, being a holiday (St. Patrick's Day), was the perfect day to write about Dennis Hwang, the Graphic Designer of the Google logo.

Dennis' first logo 're'design was on July 14th, Bastille Day. Since then he has been creating holiday google logos for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day, etc. Sometimes he will even create art for a completely random, fun occasion such as Piet Mondrian's birthday.

The anniversary for Lego was one of my favorite days.
Today, Dennis is in charge of Google's webmasters, and designing the logo is only 20 percent of his job. Read this interesting interview with David and see a time lapse video of a google doodle, HERE.

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