Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Wallpaper as Art

Back in February, Sarah posted about the very gorgeous Nama Rococo wallpaper studio. As she said back then, wallpaper really is making a comeback! I've been seeing it used more and more in interior design, and I just came across an excellent example of how it is crossing over into the realm of fine art. The New York Times Style Magazine (all about Design Spring 2008 this week) featured the middle image shown above— the work of Kiki Smith in wallpaper form! I might not have been initially drawn to her work if not for the fact that I heard Kiki speak back when I was in school and she was an absolute delight— now I can't help but find her drawings as charming as she was. No clue how much it is going for, but Studio Printworks offers this and many other amazing non-traditional wallpaper designs here.And yes, I'll admit it: I want (need?) this Helvetica wallpaper, by Abbott Miller at KnollMerge.

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Sarah Martin said...

Helvetica wallpaper...nice!