Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An Interview with Tai Snaith

CrewDesign is proud to present our very first featured artist: Tai Snaith. Australian artist Tai Snaith has an extensive portfolio ranging in performance art, installation and illustration. Her wide range of work is imaginative, playful, and truly original. Please read our interview with Tai Snaith and visit her website at www.taisnaith.com for more information. Enjoy!

1. Who are you? (name, occupation, and city you live in)
My name is Tai Snaith and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I work as an artist/ producer/designer. I like to draw, design objects, make large installations and paint walls. I also work as a visual arts producer for an arts festival here in Melbourne called ‘Next Wave’.

2. Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by a range of weird influences; for example I love finding images of animals dressed up in costumes and other visual anecdotes on the Internet. I tend to just search random combinations to do with animals and then use those ideas as the basis for some drawings. I also collect all sorts of old black and white books about animals and plants. I also spend a lot of time rummaging through op shops and markets looking for old
postcards, music sheets, pianola rolls, packaging and bones. I am also inspired by abandoned spaces.

3. Do you have a favorite designer/artist?
That’s a hard one. I really love the work of another Melbourne artist Ghostpatrol (www.ghostpatrol.net) at the moment. I also love the installation work of US artist Phoebe Washburn and the drawings and installation of Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara ( I was lucky enough to meet him last year too). That’s just to name a few.

4. One word to describe your style:

5. What frustrates you most about design (or your biggest pet peeve)?
Computers and money

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?
I’d really love to go to Spain, it’s next on my list for sure.

7. What is your favorite website to visit daily? Why do you like it?

I don’t visit one website daily. I tend to shop around… I often check the weather, but that’s practical boring. Lately I have been reading www.somethingawful.com - a very funny look into how retarded the internet can be, especially the weekend web page. I also like Wooster www.woostercollective.com to keep in touch with what's going on on the streets.

8. If you could design or redesign anything, what would it be?

I would love to design a new breed of animals. Half horse, half giraffe.

9. What is the strangest request you’ve received from a client?
To design a collar made from plastic spoons.

10. Favorite color?
The crispy brown/cream colour of faded pages of old books.

11. Favorite font?

I have an old 1940’s Tippa typewriter that actually has a running script font, it’s unusual and beautiful.

12. East Coast or West Coast?

In Melbourne its more Northside or Southside and I am definitely more a fan of Northside.

13. Name one product/gadget you cannot live without?

Size zero brush.

14. Do you have any advice for people just entering the profession?
Don’t make things for money, make them for love.

15. If you were to change professions, what would you choose to do?

I think I would work with animals or as a gardener.

16. What is one thing you wish you knew when you started your career?
How to write about what I do and also that you have to document every single thing you do, well.

17. Tell us three things about yourself that no one else knows.
1. When I was a kid I used to write letters to the moon in the sand every time I went to the beach.
2. This morning I stole a lemon from my neighbor’s tree.
3. Yesterday I wasn’t actually sick...

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Robert said...

great interview. great idea. really cool/playful/funky work. all in all, good news, i'm super into it. favorites: plastic spoon collar and 'favorite color' response.

Sarah Martin said...

Really digging the rabbit in the bathtub...very Alice in Wonderland.

Tess Mattern said...

Tai, it's so great to be able to feature you as our first guest interview! Love the work you spotlighted, and your website is terrific too- big fan of your drawings. Thank you for sharing it all with us!