Monday, April 28, 2008

"My computer could totally do that..."

Plant yourself in front of a Jackson Pollock painting at your local Art Museum, and stand still for 10 minutes. Fact: within that short span of time, there will be at at least one museum-goer who sidles up alongside you and remarks audibly, "My two year old could paint that!" And as much as that sometimes aggravates me, I still get a big kick out of, a fun website by Miltos Mancias that lets you (or your small child) make your very own, mess-free, virtual drip painting. Splatter away... ••••


Sarah Martin said...

So funny you mentioned that. This weekend I finally watched that documentary, My Child Can Paint, about the 4 year old who (controversy) sells paintings for thousands of dollars. It so interesting, and brings up all of these points. Watch it immediately if you haven't.

Nora said...

I've wanted to see My Child Can Paint!

You are so right, Jez. There was a Pollock show at the museum I intern at and I just spent one day last week compiling what was written in the comment book. It seemed like someone talked about how their kid "could make that" on every other page.

Jessica said...

new favorite activity?

if only i could print them, i would wallpaper my room!