Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crayola in 3D

Just in time for summer comes a product almost too good to be true: 3D Sidewalk Chalk! This is exactly what it sounds like— draw with the chalk and each color will register at a different depth when wearing the 3D glasses. I am beyond intrigued by the commercial I just saw, and I'm curious— has anyone reading tried this out yet? The only review up on Amazon is extremely positive, and I trust Crayola to put out a quality product. Looks like I will be scouring toy store shelves nearby so I too can try my hand at a 3D drawing of my own! ••••


Sarah Martin said...

I really want to try these too. We use to have buckets of sidewalk chalk growing up. Do they make 3D markers or 3D crayons?

Sarah said...

I know what we're doing this summer!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, they really work.
Some seem to be Under the sidewalk, and some float above. Mark one over the other and they seperate with the glasses and one seems to be floating over the other - cool.