Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Found Across the Globe: Beijing

The Crew is going global! I recently took an amazing, all too short, work-related trip to Beijing. When I wasn't working (which was never) I was able to appreciate the beauty in the details of this very very very large city. It is truly a different world over there, literally on the other side of the planet. I was able to see the Bird's Nest and the Aquatics Center for the Summer Olympics; true architectural gems! The Forbidden City is ridden with gorgeous patterns, like none I have ever seen in the States or Europe. I became slightly obsessed with Chinese food packaging while there, as you might be able to tell from the slide show. The more colorful, the better; and totally in-your-face. I was on sensory-overload the entire trip, didn't know one word of mandarin (now I know 3), but I have returned feeling truly enlightened. And jet-lagged. Enjoy these tidbits of vibrant design in Beijing!


Tess Mattern said...

Wow, this slideshow is great! I wish the package designs in the US were half as fun as the ones in Beijing- those are off. the. hook.

By the way, what are the three words you know in mandarin? "Hello," "goodbye," and "design"?

Sarah Martin said...

Wait! Are those ping pong players on that packaging?! A MAZ ING.

Love the pictures.

Is one of the words the Mandarin equivalent of Dramamine?

Meghan Colvin said...

I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!!!! wow. All the colors and amazing packaging and patterns! love love love.

Dramamine, you done good. Make that company of yours send you to more places! Soon!