Sunday, May 4, 2008

If I wanted to own a scale...

...this would be the one. Spotted in this month's Print, this animal scale is the work of Irish illustrator Chris Judge. Judge is one of twelve exceptional illustrators featured and interviewed in this issue of the magazine. His work is described as "a little bit menacing and a little bit cute"— you can check out more on his website, or view recent projects at his blog. The article mentions that the scale was created in collaboration with Angry Retail, but when I checked out their website they had a different version for sale (above). I think the understated silhouettes are pretty nice as well, and the celebrity weighing scale is kind of a riot too. ••••


Anonymous said...

This blog is SO inspiring, thanks. What a good idea to make it the 4 of you together; the total amount of "graphic-design-energy" are almost coming out of the computer, when your blog is at the screen.
You are of course at my blog roll.

Sarah Martin said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot imagine getting on a sale and seeing a big orange hippopotamus staring out me. yikes!

What you do tell people if you are trying to lose weight, "OH I am trying to get down to the pig"