Monday, May 5, 2008

Street Art is a site dedicated to that art found on city streets. The photographers take pictures of everything from graffitied walls and painted buildings to heaps of 'junk' and political propaganda. They all share a common theme of challenging the idea of what art is and where it can be found. I've always been a huge fan of graffiti (when it is tastefully done), and I love the idea of seeing it in a modern art museum one day. ••••


Sarah Martin said...

It wasn't until this was posted, did I realize this matched our weekly header perfectly.

Great minds think alike?!

Robert said...

another great website find -- i love it because it's so... aggressively different in a way that's not too obnoxious. it honestly just looks like people expressing themselves in a natural, interesting way. loves it.

Meghan Colvin said...

one CREW mind. Awesome.