Monday, June 23, 2008

The Braille Tattoo

A student at the University of the Arts Berlin, Kiera Jirkova, has designed a "braille tattoo." Although visible as well as tactile, they were conceived as a a way for the blind to communicate via body art. "Tattoo" in this case is perhaps a misnomer— these are subdermal implants that can be placed anywhere on the body, although Jirkova specifically mentions that if placed in the divet between the thumb and forefinger they could easily be read via a simple handshake. The idea of an implant is a bit frightening to me, but at the same time I think this a very interesting idea (really not much stranger than injecting your body with needles and permanant ink, I suppose!) ••••

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thomas said...

I find this incredibly cool. I've never wanted to get a tattoo, mainly because I've never been able to think of anything that I want on my body forever. BUT since these implants can probably be removed, a whole new world has opened to me.

Also, look for subdermal implants to be used like this: