Thursday, June 5, 2008

Melting Creativity

Book covers are melting. Not literally of course, the imagery on the covers. Christopher Bonanos from New York Magazine discusses the latest book cover imagery trend of ice cream melting on the cover. A few designers weigh in on the topic: "It’s actually pretty creative...If you want to suggest, say, conflict over being at home with kids, you wouldn’t want a broken toy, which suggests abuse. This is just something that’s not as it was—sweet but not perfect anymore." John Fulbrook III, a former book designer who now works in branding, agrees: “In jacket design, one classic solution is using the charged object—one that tells you more than it should.” “And then it also gives you a sense of time—which is hard to convey without showing someone running down the street or something—because the ice cream’s melting. It’s one of the rare cases where you get to add a sense of action, that urgency, to a personified object.” Moreover, adds graphic designer Rodrigo Corral, it’s practical. “It doesn’t require styling. All you need is to watch it melt.”

Ok Ok designers! I understand all your points, but my opinion is... that's about 4 covers too many using the same ice cream cone.

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Sarah said...

I agree...a great idea now let's everybody do it!!! (eek) But I do think I'll have some ice cream now...