Monday, June 2, 2008

Pentagram Puzzles

Pentagram always boggles my mind with their amazing design work, but I think this takes the cake. Via Design for Mankind, I came across a series of cryptograms they created and was soon ripping my hair out trying to figure them out. Like puzzles? Try your hand at these. Some are easier than others, and the captions will definitely help, but all in all this is some tricky typography. A few to get you warmed up below.
The clue: Just in the nick of time.
answer here

The clue: Do as you are told.
answer here
The clue: What we see depends mainly on what we look for.
answer here

And, okay, one more. I thought this last one was impossible, so if you can figure out the
answer you get some serious bragging rights.

The clue: After the dog.
answer here



design for mankind. said...

Weee--- thanks for the link; I LOOOOOVE Crew!

Sarah Martin said...

Oh yea, these are like those Mensa Quizes, in the back of airline magazines, that I can never solve and end up doing a suduko to accomplish at least something.

I am mad I couldn't figure out that last one; it the most interesting arrangment.

Meghan Colvin said...

Tess, i love these, but sadly I can't seem to figure them all out just yet. I will work on it. I'm determined to get it without cheating.

Robert said...

obsessed. i love puzzles; i love crew design. i was in withdrawl over the last week, and i'm happy to be back on a semi-normal schedule so that i can resume my compulsive tcd checking.