Monday, June 9, 2008

Three Bears Design

I was recently introduced to the very impressive portfolio of Three Bears Design, a creative collective with "caves" in both Pittsburgh and Northeast, Ohio. Three Bears does it all— from CD album covers, to logos, to t-shirts, to web design (and everything in between)— and to each job they bring a wonderful spark of originality. I especially liked the playful work they have done for bands (directly below, a t-shirt design for Arrah and the Ferns, and a poster for the singer/songwriter Jennie Devoe— some really exceptional illustration and hand-drawn typography!)
I was also enjoying their logo design and branding for Hope Runs, a non-profit group working to assist AIDs orphans in Africa.
And from my perspective, Three Bears' design sensibility seems especially suited to the making of CD covers— especially loved the distressed bar code on the 'Sospiri' CD for the Winston Jazz Routine above.

Oh, and be sure to check out their blog as well! ••••


Meghan Colvin said...

I absolutely love the work of Three Bears. Amazing sensibility and beautiful illustrations. And I obviously admire the collective and collaborative mentality (not unlike CREW!). Keep up the great work Three Bears Design.

cheryl.andrey said...

Hello there! Thanks for featuring Three Bears on your blog. We love doing what we do and it's great to know that other people are enjoying it as well.

(a bear)

Robert said...

i am LOVING the bears. their work is really fresh and interesting to look at, and i love how organic and natural it all feels.

also, their "hope runs" logo is just breath-taking. i'm SO into it.

great find, tess, and great work chery [and the other bears].

i may officially be a goldilocks [i think that's how the three bears should refer to their fans].

Sarah said...

Kudos to three bears! I'd like to be part of their cave...I'll even bring porridge. Please?