Monday, June 30, 2008

Wal-mart to Walmart

I am sure the Walmart logo redesign is old news to many of you out there, but this is a design blog and its practically mandatory to discuss something so significant. A big thanks to the Wall Street Journal for leaking the story early by publishing some of the initial renderings of the logo placement. The new design is completely over due in my opinion. Wal-Mart, now unhyphenated to Walmart, has been attempting to reposition themselves in the market place for years; while simultaneously covering up their constant negative press.

AMEN to the new san serif font and color palette, but I am throwing out a huge question mark for the starburt? Is it a sun? Does this replace those obnoxious smiley face people?
See the Wal-mart/Walmart logo history below. Courtsey of
Brand New . Look at the brown logo used in the 80s. Nauseating.••••


Meghan B said...

I am a big fan of 1964-1981!
I have noticed that starburst in the corner of a lot of Wal Mart tv spots, and thought it was very strange...until now! I thought that it indicated "you are watching a Wal Mart commercial, powered by the sun"
Wal Mart has a huge responsibility in this country, and as far as I'm concerned, good design is always a step in the right direction.

Blythe said...

This is great that you've dug up the history! The Wall Street journal also posted this pic of the proposed prototype against a terrible burnt orange background. Um, it reminds me of a tampon label.

mereoner said...

the star burts is supposed to represent the illumination of a light bulb like in an idea light bulb. and theres other stuff there in the walmart magazine that decussed other elements of the design

Anonymous said...

I really think that is a mistake, i believe that the 92 to 2008 is the best and gave them the most success and for a good reason it isnt trying so hard, Walmart probably spent like 500 000$ on this new logo for what 5 minutes work, thats stupid. Dont fix what aint broken.... KISS keep it simple stupid. Anyways congrats on the little sunburst....give me a break what a piece of....