Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Double Oh Design

I am a sucker for a well designed book series, and in my opinion Penguin has again knocked one out of the park with their most recent collection of 007 covers. I love the mod, 70s feel to the illustrations (which are sometimes, I think, as deliberately awkward as they are provocative) and the way the type works with the images— plastered across the backs, chests, and stomachs of all those memorable Bond girls. ••••


Sarah said...

Not only are the covers great, the writing is as well. If you haven't read Fleming, I highly recommend it. Even though I am entertained by the Bond movies, the books are much better. He has a distinctive style; quick-paced, descriptive, gripping. Get reading!

Sarah said...

For more information on these covers I highly recommend this Penguin Blog: http://thepenguinblog.typepad.com/the_penguin_blog/2008/05/covering-bond.html

and the designer Michael Gillette's blog: http://pencilsqueezing.blogspot.com/

And prints available to buy: