Friday, July 11, 2008

Time Lapse Magazine Spread Layout

This video is amazing because in a little over a minute and a half it depicts exactly how much thought, planning, indecisiveness, and back-and-forth goes into design work. I feel that most designers should relate to this and most non designers will think the artist is completely schizo.
If there was a time lapse video of me this Friday, it would be a few hours of me staring at a turbine vector drawing, deciding how to make it interesting on a t-shirt. Fascinating.


Sarah said...

Been there...aaahhh!!!

A little trick I try to do now is to print out all of the elements, cut them out, and fiddle around with arranging them that way, then go back to the computer.

Meghan B said...

I think their copy-writer is totally insane! Hey, give me a title and stick with it please. haha. this is great.