Monday, August 18, 2008

Small Doses of Inspiration

I've been putting a lot of thought recently into designing my personal business card, and while searching the web for inspiration the other day I hit the jackpot. Daily poetics has a flickr set consisting of 874 very well-designed cards (and counting). The set features many types and styles of cards, ranging from those that are clever (but sometimes gimmicky), elegant, amusing, or even downright funny. This is just a sampling of a few of my personal favorites, but if you have some time to kill, you won't regret browsing the set in its entirety to choose your own. ••••


Sarah Martin said...

Ohh I love the Sak card. Maybe a little cumbersome to put in a wallet, but really interesting.

I have Crew business cards, personal business cards, but no work business cards...I should get on that.

Robert said...

i am OBSESSED. i think this is so cool -- i mean, many of them are wildly impractical to the point of being comical, but i love them. i, too, love the sak card, and the "obsessive behavior" card...i just wonder how much these things actually cost to make - it gets to the point where you couldn't actually hand them out for fear of going bankrupt.

regardless, they are amazing, and as i no longer have a job, maybe i should start making personal business cards?

sarahheartsdesign said...

I LLLOOVVVEEE Marian Bantjes!

As you know Tess, I'm currently in the throws of designing my business card and am VERY happy with the printing at, I got the mini cards and just love them. I plan on using moo more for promotional pieces too. YAY MOO! Check out my blog next week for more on that.