Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scrapbookers Rejoice!

After 35 years of business, the mecca for crafters, Michaels has redesigned their logo. I think I speak for designers everywhere; this logo is a breath of fresh air.

Our new logo and tagline are an outward symbol that signifies how we have listened to our customers,” said Aitken. “She wants to create memories, enjoy and be inspired by her creative activities and spend more meaningful time with her children. She is looking for a place that pushes her imagination, allows for self-expression and personal enrichment through innovation and new, creative products. And Michaels is the place Where Creativity Happens.

I have always liked Michaels because they sell oil paint and brushes insanely cheap. However, the clientele always freaked me out a little...old ladies wearing holiday sweaters, buying pipe cleaners and glitter to make their 5 cats a ninety page scrapbook. Creepy. ••••

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sarahheartsdesign said...

Hhhmmm, I heart Michael's because they now carry a line of Martha Stewart craft items (along with Walmart- check out my blog on MONDAY for that). I agree this is a better logo, but I'm not a huge fan personally. I mean, it does say crafty but I guess its just not my style.