Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ridiculous Design Rules.

When there is nothing lef to take away, your design is good to go.

Never use white type on a black background.

Form Follows Function.

Less is more.

Never use an image behind your text.

Love it or hate it, we all have rules that help us at work. They make sense because they work for you, and you alone. The problem is that every rule related to, or governing, design is ultimately ridiculous. is a online website created to share these rules for the world to judge themself. ••••


sarahheartsdesign said...

Rules are made to be broken!

Chloe1986 said...

Ridiculous design rules is truly an innovative platform. It is interesting to see the game of design from a differnt angle and crtical viewpoint. But in the end I think the website is having only one intention: have a good laugh about it.At the moment we can still vote for the most ridiculous architectural design out there on The selections really show design gone bad. Let's see who is the winner.