Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Have you seen this little gem of nice design at your neighborhood Starbucks lately? I have, and I think it is quite a delight. GOOD is a free, mini, weekly periodical featured at Starbucks that highlights a relevant issue. Several weeks ago it was breaking down healthcare systems around the world, this week is highlights the country's closest elections (don't get me started on 2000). Their website/blog is also a trove of great information, pointing people to some great humanitarian causes (Build a Beard) and community commentary (Agent Orange). This is a natural extension for Starbucks, a company already know n for the GOOD things they do (yeah I said it). Their design is great to boot. ••••


Tess Mattern said...

Remember to stop by Starbucks today to get your free coffee if you voted! I am getting my mid-day energy boost right now.

I've been noticing these mini newspapers at Starbucks lately; great post! The cute, teeny format drew me right in. They always write about such great topics and present the information in such a nicely designed way.

Megan said...

I never noticed these in Starbucks before. Great post; I will definitely check them out.

Also, just wanted to say that I LOVE the new banner today. Good job you guys!

PS: here's to all the Meg(h)ans out there :)