Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Illustrator?! No, I used my iphone to create this

TODAY is a piece of generative design for mobile phones.
It’s an application that visualizes personal mobile communication. It sits on the periphery of the machine, monitoring our connectivity through the number and type of calls we receive, subtly displaying them back to us, in the form of a generative graphic. Here, the visual result is a figurative and seemingly abstract picture – the story of your day. Some days will be really colourful and wired, others quieter and more reflective, either way the resulting visuals will always be personal, unrepeatable and unique.


sofia oliveira said...

Thank you for posting about this project! I'm one of the authors of TODAY and just would like to explain that unfortunatelly the app doesn't run on Iphone :-( but on Symbian phones.
On the Iphone external apps cannot run on the background and that is the key for this app to work.
Sofia Oliveira

Anonymous said...

What a great toy, I love it. Such a pity that it doesn´t run at Iphone.