Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Design Review

Happy New Year, everyone! And, fyi, my New Year's resolution is definitely to blog more frequently. It's been a very busy holiday season for all four members of the Crew, so I hope you will forgive our recent ebb in postings. What better way to kick off the New Year than with a summary of last year's great design accomplishments. Luckily, Michael Johnson has helped to get the ball rolling with his list of 2008's design greats.

"Wish We Had Done It" Project of the Year:
Stefan Sagmeister's coin installation in Holland
Illustration of the Year:
Marian Bantjes's snowflakes for Sak's Fifth Avenue
Branding of the Year:
Duh. The Obama campaign.
Logo of the Year:
Their pick— the we/me mark for the Alliance for Climate Protection. I do love the mark, but can't say with certainty that it is my favorite of the year. The logo for the National Center for Responsible Gaming featured in the Print Regional Design Annual stands out in my mind— anyone else have a favorite they want to cast a vote for?Check out the full article for more great picks— including these clever tea bags for a Health-centered cafe. I definitely hope to see more great design like this in 2009! ••••


Sam said...

Wow! What an awesome round up of design! I'd not seen these before and you're definitely right about Obama BTW!

Happy New Year! Love your blog!

Robert said...

the snowflakes make me want to leap with joy. they are SO completely gorgeous. she's done some other work with Saks, and it's similarly amazing [her Valentine's day stuff is almost good enough to make me forget my loneliness].

also, those tea bags are AMAZING. honestly, i think the single coolest thing i've seen in a long, long time. they're brilliant, whimsical, and totally perfect.