Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joey's Corner

Joey's Corner is the brainchild of designer Michael Osbourne and offers pro-bono design services to non-profit health care groups. On top of his impressive resume of work, Michael Osbourne has been using his talents to give back to organizations that normally would not have the budget for such strong branding and collateral. Built in honor of his deceased son, Joseph Michael Osborne, Joey's Corner is a wonderful example of how something inspiring and important can come out of tragedy. Graphic Design is a powerful communication tool when used effectively; Joey's Corner is a prime example of how Graphic Design can be used to help an organization communicate their valuable message in an effective and powerful way. ••••


sarahheartsdesign said...

Thanks for sharing! They also have a store with some very cute things including these Valentine's day cards:


Megan said...

This is very cool; thanks for posting this! Branding and marketing are things that nonprofits tend to neglect, which is a shame since it directly relates to getting more funding opportunities.