Monday, January 5, 2009

Simmer down, Pepsi.

Okay, okay. Slow it down, Pepsi! We recently posted about the new Pepsi and Mountain Dew logos (gag?) but this past weekend I noticed the new Gatorade and Tropicana logos. Will this company stop at nothing? Why such a speedy rollout? I grew up with that Tropicana logo, so I might not be speaking from the brain, but rather from the heart. The new logo is generic and looks like a store-brand (no disrespect to store-brands). Along with Pepsi and Mtn. Dew, it will look retro in the coming years when they realize they should not have commissioned a 12 year old to do the rebrand. On the other hand, Gatorade's new identity is a step forward in my opinion. It has a distinct brand perspective, it is has the aggressive typography that attracts both creatine meatheads and bikram yogo fans. Check out the site, it's pretty good. You are 1 for 4, Pepsi Co. What is next? Aquafina? Sobe? LIPTON?! 


Tess Mattern said...

Agreed on both points. I saw the new Tropicana packaging the other day and had the same reaction. I know it seems like a stretch to say I have NOSTALGIA for my old orange juice carton— but that's exactly how I feel right now! It might not have been the most cutting edge packaging, but Tropicana was a top-seller anyway. Doesn't that mean it worked?

Sarah Martin said...

"it is has the aggressive typography that attracts both creatine meatheads and bikram yogo fans"...haha agreed!

Tropicana is starting to look like Sunny D or some other sugar infused kid's drink.

DanaDoesDesign said...

Maybe it's because I don't think Tropicana tastes good, but I like the packaging. Minute Made has simpler packaging for it's cartons now, I can see where Pepsi is going- also it looks more European and upscale to me, which is more appealing. I think the giant swath of orange is going to jump off the cooler shelf.

I like the Gatorade change too. Fun with typography.

IF ONLY SoBe were next. It's lizard juice. Those bottles are almost as gross as Arizona Iced Tea. Aquafina is pretty unremarkable too. I'm all for it. I feel like I've been looking at the same boring packaging forever. To me it says they know the consumer is open to change. In a twist of irony, perhaps it's designers who aren't.

Robert said...

i'm going to take an unpopular stance -- i like the tropicana packaging. i saw it in the store, and it caught my eye. i thought to myself, hmm... what is this new orange juice? how does it taste? i didn't buy it, of course [i don't really drink orange juice], but it at least was attention-grabbing.

moreover, i'm not as wild for the gatorade re-branding as everyone else is. i like the first two, but the splitting of the words BE TOUGH on the third bottle makes me want to die a little. regardless, i LOVE meggo's insightful and correct take on the typography. it makes me want to headbutt myself into enlightenment, or at least celebrate my chiseled physique with a frosty bottle.

sarahheartsdesign said...

You know what I have noticed in the past two weeks? Packaging with a word broken up on multiple lines. It

me. I'm undecided on that front.

What did the old Tropicana packaging look like? I don't think I grew up with it. I like the new minimalist approach. I agree that it looks more European and upscale.

Don't mind the Gatorade either. I don't buy it for the packaging actually. I will point out though that they have so many freaking different drinks now it's hard to find the "plain" gatorade.

Jessica said...

i'm sorry, but i LOVE the new tropicana packaging! it would make me buy it even though i don't want it. and i might even want to wallpaper my room with the cartons. it's delish!