Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Different Way of Looking at Things

Upon looking at Meghan B's San Francisco slideshow I thought that I would recognize it as the city I live in. Much to my surprise it was as if I was viewing pictures of a city I had never even been to. Therein lies the best part of being an artist -- as artists, we view the world differently; often in abstract ways. Ok, so maybe this trait is not exclusive to artists, however, I do think an artist's perspective is unique. Following this similar theme, artist Christoph Niemann took a regular pile of legos and was able to see an entire cityscape in front of him. The entire collection of "lego narratives" combine humor with simplicity and imagination. Just one more example of how some of the best ideas are the most simple and often right in front of you...even if you have to look a different way. ••••


Meghan B said...

Loving this post! Really great.

Sarah Martin said...

Ah! I read the same article on the NY Times today.

Honestly, I am not as crazy about it. I feel like its been done before.