Monday, May 4, 2009

Here & There

Schulze & Webb, a creative firm from the UK, has created a visually captivating take on a traditional city map. The project titled Here & There: A Horizonless Projection in Manhattan explores a new concept in mapping an urban landscape. Described by the creators at S & W:

"The projection works by presenting an image of the place in which the observer is standing. As the city recedes into the (geographic) distance it shifts from a natural, third person representation of the viewer’s immediate surroundings into a near plan view. The city appears folded up, as though a large crease runs through it. But it isn’t a halo or hoop though, and the city doesn’t loop over one’s head. The distance is potentially infinite, and it’s more like a giant ripple showing both the viewers surroundings and also the city in the distance."

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