Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bad Design

Normally I only post about relevant design that in some way inspires me... this is not that time. Today on my lunch break, I came across this "gem" of a sign for a hot dog restaurant (stand?) that just opened. I think this takes the cake for worst example of graphic design I've witnessed in a long time. And it makes me thankful that I have never been asked to design a logo that involves making letters out of hot dogs. That being said, they should probably make a font out of it. ••••


Niki said...

...that really makes me want to eat there. haha

Robert said...

i laughed out loud at this post -- i would love to see your take on spelling things out in all sorts of BBQ foods [i'm envisioning hamburger letters, or possibly a gorgeous script made up of potato salad? the possibilities are only as limited as your appetite].

Meghan B said...

Am I the only one who likes this?