Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dina Goldstein - Fallen Princesses

I was simultaneously taken aback and mesmerized by the work of photographer Dina Goldstein. In her series Fallen Princesses she explores the juxtaposition of fairy tale princesses against real life social issues, such as poverty, illness, self-image and addiction. Aesthetically, the photographs are beautiful in rich, saturated colors and strong compositions. Emotionally, the images stir up a wide range of feelings and respond to larger social issues. Personally, I'm not one to buy into the argument that Disney princesses, or Barbie, are causing girls to grow up with low self-esteem and body image issues. I grew up playing with dolls everyday and I happen to be plenty secure. I mean obviously I fully expect prince charming to come riding in on his white horse to whisk me away...I kid... That being said, I do think that Goldstein has taken a serious social concern and presented it in a clever and evocative manner. I am really drawn to the sharp contrast of an "idealized" princess against the dark and gritty real life scenarios. Genius! ••••

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Robert said...

this is completely brilliant. i love the rapunzel who has lost her hair, and i think all of them are really compelling and powerful.

awesome find!