Thursday, July 23, 2009

Waratah Debacle Down Under

When designing a logo based on a specific state flower one would expect the accurate description of said flower, correct? Apparently, the Government of New South Wales didn't bother checking the complete accuracy of the image on their newly designed logo. The logo, meant to represent the state's flower, the Waratah, actually depicts a lotus instead. You can imagine the horror in the botanist community. Oh, and have I mentioned that the total cost to create the "lotus logo" was $5000? Not exactly a cheap mistake. The best part, DesignBay, an Australian logo crowdsourcer, is offering a cash prize to the individual that can create a better logo....and hopefully an accurate one! ••••

[via Brand New]

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nicolette said...

It's a shame. The lotus design is actually good. If not for the requirement, it's actually a fairly good design.