Monday, September 7, 2009

Tamar Cohen

I saw Steven Heller's write up on Tamar Cohen about a month ago, and saw she was exhibiting in Provincetown at the Gallery Ehva. I went to check it out and was really impressed by her work and her exhibition wall setup. As you can see from these snapshots, she chose to integrate the wall space by having the patterns from some pieces spill over onto the wall and floor. I love the work on her site, but I really appreciated the fact that she took it one step further with the exhibition. Check out her work here. ••••


Meghan Colvin said...

Words cannot express how IN LOVE I am right now with this work. The patterns, the maps, the dots that match perfectly with the CREW logo.... LOOOOOOOVE!!!!! berckes, thank you for sharing this!

Tamar said...

Wow, thanks for all the support
and kind words. I'm so happy you
like my work.