Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grad School or Bust

Although I loved studying graphic design as an undergrad and truly value my BFA degree, I have never had much desire to go to grad school for my MFA. Personally, I feel that post undergraduate learning (especially as a designer) is best formed in a professional work environment. Bottom line there are just too many practical things about being a designer that cannot be taught in a classroom. However, I do long to have the freedom that school projects restrictions on color, font, print costs, copyright infringement...but I digress. If I were to go back to school for anything, I would likely want to get an MBA as I feel that many designers disregard the business side of design in an effort to remain true to their creativity. Hey, I'm all for free-spirited artistic endeavors, but at the end of the day a good graphic designer needs to have both qualities. Especially if the end goal is to own his or her own firm one day (which I know every Crew member hopes to achieve). I recently came across a unique MBA program offered at CCA (California College of the Arts), a very well-known art school in San Francisco. The MBA in Design Strategy is the only one of its kind that focuses on "uniting the studies of design, finance, strategy, entrepreneurship, meaning, and sustainability" as they "provide the tools to manage in today's interconnected markets with a vision of business as sustainable, meaningful, ethical, profitable, and truly innovative." OK, so I'm not running to sign up (btw -- school ain't cheap) but I think it's worth looking into and I definitely appreciate a program that incorporates business and design. Read more about it here. ••••

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sarahheartsdesign said...

Going back to school...I may be jaded but I think the majority of the time it's overrated. Some of the best business people I know learned by doing and honing their "street smarts." I guess it depends on what kind of job you'd be looking for and if having a degree would make you more attractive for it. Another good reason to go back to school would be training in a different field. That's one of the biggest reasons I want back: career change. It ain't cheap though! I'm glad that I didn't actually pay full price (thank you tuition remission) because if I did I think I'd have major buyers' remorse.