Sunday, October 11, 2009

Man Shops Globe

f you're anything like me, entering into an Anthropologie could make you weep from want. It's the kind of store that makes you feel justified in spending 20 dollars on a teacup, an indulgent purchase you never would have thought possible when you woke up earlier that same morning. Everything is just so painfully right— making it very hard to resist buying, despite the large price tag.

What causes this consumer phenomenon? Well, one of Anthropologie's trade secrets is its buyer at large, Keith Johnson, who travels the world in search of unique pieces to stock the stores, lending them that certain je ne sais quoi. And luckily for us, the Sundance Channel is giving us a sneak peak into Johnson's travels every Wednesday night at 10 with its new series Man Shops Globe.

It's hard not to envy Johnson, as he travels to remote locations, buying stuff you would kill to own, using a credit card that he won't need to pay off himself. And you need to respect the man, too— he has an eye for design, finding hidden beauty in objects a less perceptive shopper could easily overlook. Although the expensiveness of everything is at times enough to make you cringe (without even taking into account Anthropologie's mark-up, or the shipping fees), overall I was impressed at the authenticity of the store's decor. Many of the items Johnson purchases are one of a kind antiques that have been painstakingly selected, and others are original pieces by working artists. Man Shops World is worth a watch, if only to see for yourself the amount of thought put into shaping your shopping experience.

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