Monday, April 12, 2010

Career Day

The past Friday, April 9th, I had the privilege of speaking at a local Austin high school for Career Day. I was surrounded by presenters from all backgrounds, lawyers, bankers, accountants, climate control specialists, radio talk show hosts, etc...

Then there was me, the 26 year old designer, only a few years out of school. Not the most experienced of the bunch but young enough that I could at least attempt to relate to the students.

I spent a few days designing a presentation for the students (ages 14-18), only to tweak it last minute when I saw first hand just how young high schoolers really are...this is very easy to forget once you are out of school.

Topics included: why design? education. misconceptions. challenges. inspiration and next steps.

I think the reason this presentation was somewhat successful was because I featured all the lovely ladies that write on this blog. We are all designers, yet we all do VERY different things at our day to day jobs.

A few of the slide highlights below:


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Tess Mattern said...

Get em while they're young! How many interns do you think we will have for Crew HQ come May 2014??