Thursday, April 22, 2010

Public Bikes

In celebration of Earth Day, my company hosted a "green" celebration today featuring organic vendors, tasty farmer's market veggies and environmentally friendly products. I could go on a rant about the gourmet food trucks parked out front (I'm sure that's doing wonders for the environment today), but instead I'd like to focus on my new love, just discovered today – Public Bikes. If you've ever traveled to Amsterdam or Copenhagen, I'm sure the #1 thing you noticed was the abundance of cyclists all over the streets. Well, San Francisco (in all it's hippie "greeness") wants to follow the trend. Public Bikes is the new brainchild of Rob Forbes, founder of Design Within Reach (btw, my dream apartment – you know the one – is decorated in head-to-toe DWR). Mimicking the classic city bikes of Europe, Public Bikes offer two different Modern style frames, both unisex, but I'd say they're a tad more female-friendly (let's be honest, I only want cause I can envision myself wearing a really adorable outfit on it). They're offered in four different colors: orange, pale blue, lime green, and off-white. I sold my car awhile back, so I think it's imperative that I get one of these. And can you guess what color I would get???


Dan said...

Lime green!

Meghan B said...


Sarah Martin said...

bikes bikes bikes. amazing...glad to see you are jumping on the bike and "green" band wagon.

Dan N-T said...

Meghan: Thanks for your kind words.

It was great to participate in the Earth Day event.

Feel free to contact us at PUBLIC and visit 123 South Park to go for another test ride.

We look forward to seeing you riding a PUBLIC bike while you wear your "adorable outfits."

P.S. We especially enjoyed the organic dim sum!

Clipping Path said...

Very helpful site..

atsie said...

hey.. thanks for sharing, its kinda interesting :)