Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Bad sketchy: creepy bums on the subway, dark alleys, mid-to-late twenty-somethings at college bars (Crew-union Boston ::::head down in shame::::). Good sketchy: The Sketchbook Project! I practically jumped out of my seat today when my boss (sending her some link love) sent me this website. Sign. Me. Up. NOW. As you'll see on the website, anyone can enter and their work will be exhibited on the U.S. tour, and ultimately housed at the Brooklyn Art Library.

(Hey Crew-mates – didn't you just receive a fancy new, "branded" Moleskin notebook??? Pretty sure this is the perfect way to put it to use.) ••••

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Stanele said...

Awwww, Crew. I sure do love your blog. Why? Weeeeeelllllll...I love it because you get the creative juices flowin'! I never even heard of the Sketchbook project before today, but I'm totally inspired now to create! I'm glad you guys(ahem, ladies) aren't all, "Dir dir dir, look what we made yesterday. Look what I did! Look what I created for such and such guy!" I like that it's not all about you all, but that you just love design and creativity and you share it with the world. Bravo! (This comment could also go along with the post regarding the three day performance in Germany...the Little Giant. That was stinkin' out of this world...). Keep up the good work and the spreading of sweet sweet creative love!