Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HOW Design Conference in Boston

If you subscribe to Print or HOW, you've likely already found this Boston themed poster in both magazines this month- a promotional piece for the HOW Design Conference, which will take place in my city this year from May 18-21. I truly wish I had the the necessary funds to attend this event (the tickets are- no word of a lie- $995. At their Early Bird Price). But if you are a wealthy designer (do those exist?), or if your company is willing to foot the bill, this conference would be pretty amazing: there are dozens of noteworthy speakers, workshops, portfolio reviews, and yes, invaluable "networking" opportunities. Link here to a full schedule. For now, I think I'll just enjoy their free poster of fun Boston references, hanging in my cube. Wicked.

And FYI, the poster was made by Stoltze Design, who apparently also created the identity for TypeCon 2006, Boston T Party, which I admired at the time (and still do).

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