Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Tag or not to Tag

I need some advice. My company is adding a tagline to their logo, which in the world of corporate American...a very big deal. A tagline essentially sums up your company's core belief; it should be memorable and relevant. Considering all these ideas, you can see why this is no easy task. We already have the tagline created and are ready to debut it to the world and consequently have them gasp in wonder and awe and buy our product immediately. As far as style and branding guidelines go, its pretty up in the air.

My question: Does anyone know of a wonderful branding book (or online site) that really gets into the nitty gritty of the wonderful world of taglines? Also, are there any particular taglines that you like and/or think successful?


Meghan B said...

Martin, I can't say I have learned too much about taglines..but your inquiry has definitely put me on the lookout!
As far as a logo/tagline lockup...CAN YOU FIT IT ON A PEN?! just kidding.
I am keeping my eyes open for relevant information for you...

Tess Mattern said...

Hello, Meghan B? It just "occurred" to me (okay, after doing a google search for taglines) that your parent company has one of the most successful tags of all time! Nike: Just Do It.

Some other tags mentioned: Volkswagon: Drivers wanted
Coke: The Real Thing
"This Bud's for You"