Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clever Wine Labels

Cheers to never forgetting your wine! Check out this innovative wine label from Oxford Landing's
South Australian Shiraz (image found I, for one, judge wine by the label. I know, I know many wine connoisseurs would judge otherwise. But as a designer I don't really care about the "angular flavors, or the woody, complex, round finish." Pshh, show me some care put into the design of the label, and I'll appreciate the contents of the bottle. This packaging idea is genius. There is small a portion of the label that can be peeled off so that you are never left wondering, "what was the name of that wine we had last night?" ••••

1 comment:

Sarah Martin said...

oh, very clever indeed! Although, I must disagree...I have bought wine based on the labels before and "bllllech..terrible!"