Thursday, April 10, 2008

.COM, etc.

I knew that the worldwide web was wide, but I'm not sure I ever considered just how extensive it really is. We are all aware of the most common top-level domain code - .COM - but were you aware that there are over 260 TLD's around the world? Byte Level Research in-house designer John Yunker has done a brilliant job of translating the large number of top-level domain country codes by placing them on a map formation to indicate the geographical region in which they operate. His typographical solution places the codes on the region of the world in which they represent as well as adjusting the type size to denote the population of the each country represented.

I know we have big dreams of making this blog an online phenomenon, but now I think I'm getting a little intimidated... ;)


Meghan Colvin said...

Follow up: I just read John Yunker's profile and guess what?! He is a fellow Boston University graduate!

Sarah Martin said...

That is pretty facinating