Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Logo Alert

What do you do when your company is a completely different company than it was 40 years ago? You re brand yourself into the new and improved (hopefully)company that you are today. This is what the Xerox has recently done. No longer does Xerox want to be associated with a copier company. In fact, Xerox doesn't even make stand-alone copies anymore. Xerox spent more than 18 months, interviewing over 5,000 people about their associations with the Xerox brand.Not surprisingly, people associated the old red X logo to Xerox, which was the logo for years. Therefore, they kept the bright color red, but settled on "friendlier" lowercase letters. They chose a ball to represent forward movement and a series of variously-colored lines and ribbons to emphasis their support for AIDS and breast cancer research. This is one of the most significant changes Xerox has made since they dropped the "Haloid" from the name Haloid Xerox in 1961. Wow. -From The New York Times

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