Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I love this enviornmental poster from 1980. In the spirit of the day, I thought I would share a few tips about how to be a green designer.

1. Use recycled materials: This is very simple to do. More and more printers now days have recycled paper as an option.

2. Use a minimum of material: Think about diminsions, required strength, and production techinque when you are designing something. You can reduce unneccessary paper waste by considering the smallest paper size for each product.

3. Printing and Proofing: When designing, do as much proofing on the computer screen as possible. When you need to print, print double sided. Email PDF proofs to clients, rather then sending a hard copy.

4. Increase a product's life: For example, make a product durable, reusable, or upgradable. Think about it this way...when you are designing a product, ask youself, "will someone throw this away or hang on to it?"

5. No emissions: When possible, produce items that operate free of emission.

Learn more at the
AIGA Center for Sustainable Design ••••

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Tess Mattern said...

Electronic proofing is DEFINITELY something I can do more of— thanks for the friendly reminder that being a green designer means not printing out a zillion proofs per project!