Thursday, May 22, 2008

Logo Math

Logos Logos is a humorous website created to explain the complex orgins of popular logos. The creators say, "(This is)a waste of creativity based on the creativity of others." I kind of want to do my own.
Ok Ok, I caved and made my own. See the Starbucks masterpiece below.


thomas said...

This is completely different, but your post reminded me of it nonetheless:

A Brand Timeline Portrait

Tess Mattern said...

Sarah, I think your logo creation is the best of the examples— that made me laugh.

And Thomas, I love that link! Especially how much Heineken was consumed at 5:49...

Sarah Martin said...

Thats so funny, becasue I cam across that link today too. I feel like most people would find tracking your day by brand names disgusting, but I love it. Long live branding and marketing!

Javier said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention. I'm Javier from Logólogos.

But, please, don't modify the images... the watermarks have been removed!
Our work is licensed by a Creative Commons license.

Thanks again.

Javier & Luna