Friday, May 23, 2008


I am a TERRIBLE speller! I was always the first one out in the spelling bee and an A on a spelling test was few and far between...I blame genetics. Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson would probably hate me. These two men are on a mission across the United States to fix other people's grammar and spelling mistakes. "For the last three months, they have circled the nation in search of awkward grammar construction. When approaching a business or person who is guilty of an infraction, they are greeted warmly (sometimes). They are told to go away (sometimes). They are gently blown off (usually)." I find their mission both annoying and humorous at the same time...annoying only because I would most likely be a person they would confront. All I can say is, thank god for 30 pairs of eyes looking at my work before it goes to the printer! And designers...proof read your work!••••


Lonnie Doogans said...

"A's on a spelling test were few and far between..." I'M JUST SAYIN' !

Robert said...

obsessed. completely and totally. sometimes, i wonder if the posts on this blog exist solely for me; this could not be more up my alley. i read about TEAL somewhere else on the internet [read: facebook], and i was fascinated. this article only serves to increase my interest. another great one!