Monday, July 7, 2008


Walk down the street in L.A. and you'll likely hear one blonde say to another, "Wanna grab some fro-yo?" Fro-what, you might ask? Fro-who? Fro-YO. You know, slang for Frozen Yogurt. Obvi. Well it seems the frozen yogurt phenomenon has finally made it to just about every major city. Recently three new Frozen Yogurt stores opened up within walking distance from my work in downtown San Francisco. I love a good frozen yogurt, but what really catches my eye is the visual concepts behind each store. Many of the stores that I have come across have strong visual identities - bold colors, clean designs, modern appeal - they emphasize nutrition and aim to create an entire "experience" verses just grabbing a quick ice cream cone and walking away with it. Check out the websites for Pinkberry, SoGreen Yogurt, and Yogen Fruz.

One such identity really caught my eye. British design firm
ICO created the strong visual identity for Snog Yogurt. As described on their website:

The Snog name, coined by ico, is derived from ‘Snow & Yogurt’ and is the perfect solution for a bold, young, urban and British brand. In effect, the name informed the entire creative concept. A fun and infectious copy-led approach followed. Bright pop colours and an edgy typographic style completed the brand.
The name is catchy, the dominant pink color is bold, and the overall concept is fresh and memorable. As far as branding goes, I think that they have created a very successful identity - it speaks to the target audience by creating a youthful and catchy visual representation of the featured product. I often long to go back to London (I have a long-standing love affair with British design) and now this is just one more reason to return! Now who wants some Fro-Yo? ••••


KT said...

In Harry Potter, "snogging" means making out!!!

Sarah Martin said...

fancy a make out?

Sarah said...

It's a Brit Matt Green from the Bachelor likes to snog with Shayne Llamas.