Monday, August 25, 2008

Across the Univers

To all my Crew members out there here's a little throw back to Graphic Design 101 (Does Josef Albers come to mind to anyone?). And to all you graphic designers out there here's something to wear to show your superiority in the graphic design community. Wait, superiority might not be the right word...let's be honest and go with supreme nerdiness. Regardless, what designer wouldn't appreciate using type as a fashion statement? You can buy your own shirt here. ••••


Anonymous said...

Crew- where is your knew header from? I love it!

Sarah Martin said...

Hello anonymous,
The banner is taken from The Cathedral of Reims in Reims, France.

typographyshop said...

Hey there,

Thanks so much for linking to our new shirt. Great blog you've got there.