Friday, August 22, 2008

Hester Prynn, Trendsetter?

Some of our more loyal readers may remember a post by Sarah back in our early days on this questionable Victor and Rolf design. It begs the question: what do you typophiles think about wearable your letterforms? Examples have been popping up left and right on the web, and I've pulled just a few of my favorites. Above, family tree necklace by Sarah Van Gameren, dictionary drop earrings from Foundling, and a vintage typewriter ring on Etsy.

Upper and lowercase scarves from Little Factory.

Letter tote bags from Bang, an Etsy necklace find, type tshirt from Veer, and an adorable, inexpensive J ring also from Etsy.

Laverne pulled the look off, so why shouldn't we? In fact, Miu Miu used Laverne's trademark initial L as inspiration for their fall show. ••••

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